May 2 2017

In a blink of an eye… It’s May already. First thing that popped into my head was “S’s birthday is May”.

I am in a very good mood today. The weather in Vancouver has been very nice and I worked from home yesterday to recharge after my trip. Coming back has been more hectic than I thought. Catching up on work, catching up with friends, catching up with tutoring, catching up with yoga. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to do everything. Funny thought: I really do not have time to date anyone (in Vancouver) right now. Dating someone requires so much work…

SQ and I planned my visit to SF in two weeks. We have decided not to be rachet and be classy ladies. It will be a weekend filled with dinner parties, wine festivals and classy shit. Side note: we finally secured a reservation at LihoLiho’s… at 10:45pm though (LOL). I can’t wait to see her. Really looking forward to the trip.

I think I am finally over X. I was driving through the cheery blossoms and thought about us and I honestly am so happy. So blessed that I got to love and have been loved by X.


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