Apr 26 2017

Took a 15 day hiatus from writing while we were in Korea. I GUESS FIRST THING IS CL MADE IT! She did not get detained because of her passport haha. The last two weeks has been amazing, so many stories to write down. I will write about each place we visited separately in different entries. We took lots of basic photos and Korean fashion is seriously cute, but questionable at times as well.

I am very tired and can’t wait to be home.

X just called during the layover, we haven’t talked much when I was on my trip, occasional messages here and there. I didn’t really want to call with shady airport wifi, but he is going through some shit and he really wanted to talk. He’s still seeing multiple people. The boy he is seeing got attached and did not know he was still seeing the girl. X cannot give him that right now and confronted the boy. They decided to take a few days apart, he seems down by it because he really enjoyed spending time with him. X said he didn’t want to hurt someone like this again, but I am not sure how to comfort him because I think he is being a little selfish. Wanting what a relationship is, but not committing to one. In the end I told him his concept of like is not the typical attraction that normal people think of. His definition of “like” is enjoying spending time with someone, being a bonus in someone’s life. And that next time he should think about communication and making it clear to the other person. I am a little worried… He seems to be more and more confused about where his life is going… it is so messy. He is seeing so many people. In a way, I am glad I am not part of the mess (anymore), I don’t think I would be able to handle it. Being physically away really helps but that also means I cannot give him a hug or keep him company. I am glad we still try to find time to call each other with our busy schedules. Talking to him is still one of the highlights of my week, but really starting to love him like a friend now… slowly getting there.

Our 9 hour layover in Taiwan is going to be for sorting through receipts, writing about the last two weeks, organizing this blog and relaxing our bodies. They have a lounge here in Taipei that offers sleeping quarters… so tempted.

CL and I bought sooooo much things (CL mostly snacks; me clothing and makeup haha). We have four luggages in total. During dinner last night with Seoul Appa&Umma, they tried to convince us that trying to take the subway was insane and urged us to take the airport taxi instead. WITH A PRICETAG of $75USD……

BUT we were determined to save money! Subway in Seoul, by the way, is super complex and each station takes about 10 minutes to maneuver through… After lugging our stuff for 2 minutes, we gave up and willingly called an airport taxi. I managed to cut the price down to $60USD… still steep.

BC was going to pick us up at the airport, but we figured that four luggages was not going to fit into one car. So BP is going to come as well. #friendship



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