Apr 11 2017

Flying to Korea tonight. We realized this morning that CL’s passport is expiring in Aug… so we had a very hectic day calling people and figuring out what to do. As a result, CL booked another direct flight to go to Seoul. Luckily, she is landing only 2 hours after me. Hopefully there won’t be many more hiccups from now on. We will probably laugh about this 10 years from now. CL is now officially more derp than me.

I felt like it was the right time to re-evaluate my short-term goals that I have set myself about a month ago.

  • be more active. going to yoga/exercising at least 3 times a weeks
    • its happening!! not three but two times a week (close enough) although I have been a little stressed this week. So yoga has been extra hard.
  • talk to X less
    • we still call each other every two weeks, but it is a lot less than before. But I am ok with that. I am flying down for his graduation, he is still my dear friend (just more brother, less romance)
  • start job hunting in SF
    • found my dream job, currently writing cover letter and arranging for an interview. I will expand below
  • eat out less. cook more meals at home
    • I am rotating this on a weekly basis… so I think this is half done
  • get more sufficient sleep
    • nope
  • spending quality time with friends without heavy binge drinking OR eating OR smoking
    • ha ha ha… this one may become a long term goal instead of a short term one
  • be ok alone
    • almost.

Going back to the job thing! I cannot contain how happy I am. I stumbled upon a wine startup late last week. They are trying to engineer wine, not from grapes, but from chemicals (edible ones). I immediately fell in love with the company, it is also founded by a bunch of people from UBC. AND they are hiring a research assistant!!! It’s funny how somethings work out. This is the first time I have ever been so excited and eager to apply for a job! It’s an amazing feeling.



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