Apr 4 2017

It’s been a week since I’ve written. The last week has been so hectic and crazy. Work has been putting a toll on me, mentally and physically. But I took the afternoon off today to rest and recharge.

Unfortunately, my recharge session was interrupted by X. He called and told me about his spring break trip and a bunch of other stuff.

Someone told me recently that it is impossible to love someone unconditionally. Humans are designed to love conditionally and we need conditions to love someone. It really clicked with me, because I am feeling my love for X slowly getting diminished. Maybe it is because that we talk less… or I’m getting more annoyed at the way he talks… maybe it’s kind of realizing I don’t really love him, but I loved the familiarity of having that comfortable love. Something I had with S. I really had the urge to text S today. But I decided not to, since I don’t think I had the right to nor are we in that kind of relationship where I can text him when I’m having a rough day anymore.

I am leaving for Korea in a week. So excited but stressed at the same time.

Yoga is still happening. Job hunting is not happening. Kdrama is happening. And I need a massage from pipetting two 384 well qPCR plates.


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