Mar 27, 2017

It is Monday and I can already feeling the week ahead. I am lacking sleep, so much that I almost fell asleep while driving yesterday. There is just so much to be done. Now that spring break is over, I am going back to tutoring. Work is super hectic as I try to wrap some stuff up in a week. Still managing to squeeze yoga in somehow. AND having a social life (going out to dinner Tuesday and Wednesday this week). After one week of eating at home, the idea of going out for dinner seems like so much work.

I had a dream about S two nights ago. In the dream we were travelling in Japan (possibly because I was watching anime movies all night that night). I was very very happy in the dream, which made me question if I really am over him… whether my love for X is a replacement for S. Since the stuff I enjoy the most with X: the talking on the phone late at night, spending time at home, walking around exploring, are all things of comfort that I did with S. I missed S last night, and when I do, I watch this Korean drama where the main character looks like him. HAHA so sad….

Speaking of X, he is still in Chicago, going to Vegas soon. Last night, the guy he is seeing posted a video of them raving together. In it, they kissed each other on the cheek. I mean… it’s no big deal. But I was still a little tilted. CL and BC told me to not have double standards.



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