Mar 21, 2017

I GOT FLOOR SEATS TO ED SHEERAN! Still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

X called yesterday and today. Our call got cut short yesterday because I had to go to yoga, so he called during lunch today, which got cut short again because I had to buy the tickets. It was nice though… I felt good to hang up first, or else we would have talked for hours. I think he’s making it a habit to call me every Monday when he gets off work; but omg it is so annoying when the reception gets cut in the BART. We just chatted about random stuff, he is going to Chicago and Vegas for spring break. I am depending on him less and I feel like our dynamic is back to where it was before. He went to a rave this weekend with the girl-that-slept-over. I asked briefly how it was, but it was pretty uneventful. He just said he rolled.

3 weeks until KOREA!! I’m super excited. I finished planning my portion of the trip tonight. It’s going to be a jam packed two weeks. To set the mood, my roommate got me hooked on this new Kdrama. Tomorrow night is my chill night to myself. I think I will binge watch it.


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