-M- want to board together?

I met M on a chairlift while snowboarding. We were a group of four, but one of our friends got tired and decided to stop early. Three of us remained in line, and M, in the singles line, asked if he could join us.

My work “hubby”, H, has troubles getting off the chairlift when he is not sitting on the left side. So he made M awkwardly insert himself between all of us. Of course, I took this opportunity to crack a dirty joke about that (haha “insert”, get it?). We chatted the entire way up, but parted ways at the top. I remember turning around several times after he had left. For some reason, he left an impression on me. H joked and said I should have pulled what I do best, and convinced him to board with us. Context being, I convinced another solo-boarder in the morning to board with us.

I remember waiting at the bottom of the lift, looking up and trying to spot his red pants. I wanted to see him again and spend more time with him. I purposely stalled my friends… and it worked. M came down after a couple of minutes and I waved to him eagerly. We boarded together for another solid hour, I was exhausted, but I still wanted to hang out with him more. So I pushed myself, and oh em gee my muscles regretted it the next day. I managed to exchange numbers and the trolling texts began…

M was very composed on the mountain. Quiet but actively listening to input his opinion when needed. However, over text, he seemed like a completely different person. I questioned many times if I was texting the same guy as before. Maybe it’s because I know I might be moving away, I didn’t really care and said everything that was on my mind. But what didn’t cross my mind, is what would happen if something does work out…



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