Feb 27, 2017

I have been thinking a lot and come to the conclusion that I do not want to be stagnant anymore. I find out whether or not I get into Medical School in May, but if I don’t, I am going to move to San Francisco.

Everyone’s first reaction when I tell them the news is… “Are you moving for X?”

My answer is 10% (maybe 20%… maybe 30% HAHA but definitely not more than 30%). The main reason is for myself, I want to be in a new city and explore while I am still not tied down. Second major reason is to be with my cousin, to be each other’s anchor in our crazy early 20s. Sometimes I think I am impulsive, I literally made this decision over the span of 2 days. But I have not felt this excited in a LONG TIME. My cousin and I have some short terms goals and long term goals visioned out. All of which, I cannot wait to accomplish with her.

There is many logistics that need to be worked out, the biggest one being finding a job. Surprisingly, my mother was very supportive of the idea… (weird, maybe she thinks I’m going to marry X. HA)

Exciting days ahead!

Actually I have two 7:30am meetings this week… Maybe not too exciting.


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