Guest Entry: Sobriety & Men

Today is my third day sober. Sober from weed. Not alcohol that doesn’t count. It’s not my substance so it doesn’t count. I drank some wine, watched a bunch of episodes of Girls and found it oddly refreshing, honest and relatable. My best friend in college and i used to watch it together, but I stopped after she watched a bunch without me and i got confused and shit. Sometimes she’s a bitch but i really really love her so much.

I got drunk enough to talk to X. He and I connected on Coffee Meets Bagel twice. And I stopped talking to him twice because yah know… you get so many messages from all these guys who all blend together into this vague kind of hot idea of a guy. Then we matched on Tinder and we got to talking and actually met up one night. We got drinks at this cool bar on Polk St, talked for a long time and then went to this house party that his coworker was hosting. I kissed a girl that night in front of him and he didn’t mind. We went home and he told me point blank that he was too drunk to fuck and I appreciated that.

Then Z texted me. We talked about wine for a little bit and then he had to sleep because he has a midterm tomorrow. We might hang out on Sunday. He asked me if I was free on Sunday earlier today. But I never know with Z, he’s pretty flaky usually. But since he started antidepressants and since I started antidepressants, I think things might be different. I’m not getting my hopes up though. He flakes. I flake. I think theres like only a 60% chance I’ll actually see him on Sunday, but it’s enough to make me excited.


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